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Stephen A. Smith Tells Jimmy Garoppolo To Shut Up And Play And Also Calls Him Pornstar Jimmy

This was a wild take from Stephen A because Jimmy was simply asked a question and Stephen A knows nothing going on with the inner workings of the 49ers. I think that Jimmy got fucked over a lot as the 49ers quarterback he was completely fine in their offense. The one thing Stephen A was right about was that he gets hurt a little too much. Jimmy is making a comment for a reason about the 49ers for a reason though and it seems like they fucked with him. He isn't going to give an open ended answer if he doesn't have anything to back it up. 

Stephen A is so wrong for this and I really think Jimmy has a chance to thrive in Oakland. When you start a sentence with "shut up and play" it usually ends with you losing the argument. 

I will say that calling him Pornstar Jimmy was just genuinely funny. He also implied there have been more than one pornstar, but left that kind of open-ended. 

There is a reason why Stephen A is where he is, but shut up and play is never the way to go. Jimmy needs to stay healthy and prove a point this year, but all of this is funny when it's two guys not on the team anymore. 

It's fascinating to see how amazing the Niners are at evaluating positions besides quarterback. That just so happens to be the most important and it's doomed them.