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This Chanel Diner Is An Insult To Diners And I Won't Stand For It

NY Post- Fashion fans are going to eat up this Chanel diner.

The Parisian luxury fashion house is opening a diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — but don’t expect to be served greasy grub like burgers and french fries.

From Sept. 8-10, Chanel fans can visit the Lucky Chance Diner for a free experience to celebrate the launch of the Chance Eau Fraîche perfume.

The diner will be adorned with a Chanel touch, with pink and green interiors, Instagrammable photo opps, a pink double-C logo clock, a branded napkin holder and more.

Lucky Chance Diner will take over the corner at 225 Wythe Ave., a location that was once home to the iconic Wythe Diner.

How the interactive fragrance experience will happen is a surprise, but after finding your new signature scent, guests will go to the back of the diner where there will be a vending machine with a chance to win customizable gifts.

More games will be available in the outdoor garden, as well as a pick-up window to purchase a Chance fragrance. Select sizes and concentrations of the four Chance fragrances will be available for purchase, including the new scent.

For the most part, the pop-up diner has no food, just smells — but complimentary beverages will be available in the diner and “refreshments” will be served in the outdoor courtyard.

What a sham ... an absolute sham folks. Diners hold a special place in my heart. Late nights after the bar, before or after baseball games as a kid, meet up with your friends after a date, a pit stop on a drive home with your Dad, a makeshift dinner when you don't want to cook. Diners are elite, especially in the Tri State Area. Pick a diner up and down the turnpike, or in the 5 boroughs and you will have an elite meal. You can also have literally anything and the waitress won't blink. "I'll have chocolate chip pancakes for the table, a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake."  and she won't bat an eye. The same way you can order eggs, a patty melt and a root beer float and be perceived as completely normal. 

Diners have no rules. Open 24 hours, wild characters, spunky waitresses, CD machines with music that doesn't work, the same standard plastic cups in everyone. If you've been to one diner you've been to them all but somehow they all have a distinct difference you can only tell once you hit a new one. It's a tremendous thing. Diners rule. 

Also diners have had some of the best moments in pop culture of all time... at least for me. 

(start at 5:18 in Wonder Years)

the Parkway Diner line bangs … 

and of course …. 

Diners rule. 

Anyway …this hoity toity fucking Diner by Chanel is a sham. Anyone with a brain goes to a diner for the food and what's this place doing? Eliminating the food. Excuse me what? Smell perfumes? Fuck that. Give me a waitress who has worked there for the last 40 years, a cook with a nickname like Bubba, or Jimbo or Fitzy and a plate of good fries and that's the pillars of a diner. Not nice paintings and 5 star reviews on Yelp. Fuck that. This place is a sham. An insult to diners as we know it. What a joke.