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WATCH: Nebraska TE Arik Gilbert Tries To Rob A Vape Shop, Fails Spectacularly

Nebraska fans thought the biggest question surrounding Arik Gilbert leading up to the start of this season would be his eligibility, but the Georgia transfer made headlines for another reason when he was arrested on Tuesday after attempting to rob a vape shop. I'm going to guess this probably doesn't help his case with the NCAA.

Gilbert's career isn't technically over yet, but it seems like he's going to end up being a pretty sad case study. He was a five-star recruit and the No. 1 tight end in the country in the 2020 class before enrolling at LSU, where he played just one season and then transferred to Georgia. Gilbert then missed the entire 2021 season at UGA for personal reasons, appeared in just three games in 2022 and now has been arrested after transferring again. Hard to see a huge turnaround on the horizon.

It seems like this kid needs real help so I'm not going to make any jokes like saying he just watched his career go up in smoke or that stealing $1,600 worth of vapes is nothing compared to the $100,000 or so he's stolen in scholarships from three schools. That would be inconsiderate and unbecoming.