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Tonight's Nebraska Volleyball Game Is Going To Be The Most Attended Womens Sporting Event Of All Time With A Projected 90,000+ Attendance

Nate came over to my desk and told me he's got a topic for me to blog about because I'm an "ally". I'm not sure if he means boring or a champion of women's athletics, but I'll take either in my quest for pageviews. Absolute bonkers stat of the day here. Zero surprise this is happening in Nebraska, mainly because there isn't shit else to do over there. But Nebraska volleyball has long been a wagon and averages like 15,000 a game in their stadium. Apparently they sold 82,000 before even announcing who the surprise concert is (spoiler: Scotty McCreery). An optimist would say that would indicate that they are indeed a wagon, while a pessimist might say you can't count this as actual attendance for a game of sport. 

Can we talk about the view for a second? The people in the upper bowl of Memorial Stadium are cooked. It's already hard enough to watch basketball like the Final 4 in a football stadium, let alone volleyball. Whatever, we're here for the love of sport. I will probably tune in just to see the absolute madness that is 90,000 in attendance for a volleyball match, but before that I'm going to spend the day reading debates about women's sports on Twitter. See you on the frontlines.