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Move Aside Crying Babies, We've Got A Kid Wearing A Neon Strobe Light Bunny Costume On This Flight

You're on a long, overnight flight and the cabin is perfectly settled and dimly lit. The Diazepam you popped is floating in a little sea of mini airplane merlots and your eyes are getting heavy. A restful sleep is about to drift you all the way to your destination and th... BLINK... BLINK FLASH BLONK... the calm whirring of the engine ta... BLINK BLINK BLINK BLONK.... takes you to a whole ne... BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK FLASH FLASH BLINK FLASH BLINK FLASH... 

Two rows ahead of you there are so many different colored light beams & you're so disoriented that you think you're back at the Electric Zoo EDM festival. What could it possibly be?

Oh, a young child in a neon burst rabbit costume with mechanical flapping ears. Of course. 

"Well, at least they're not crying", you think as you're temporarily blinded and the woman next to you begins to have a small seizure. "Yes, this is fine and might only continue for another six or so hours in this small metal tube 30,000 feet in the air. I love it. This is adorable." Everyone else on the flight nods in agreement and smiles at each other. How neat. 

The video first appeared on the Instagram account @sarcasm_only on August 15th where it's now racked up nearly 350K 'likes' and thousands of comments where, much like our hypothetical fellow flyers, everyone is totally ok with it. ha ha

Thankful for that last bit of clarification there, mmlkzjs.

Now, the clip is only six seconds long so who knows what the full story is. Maybe they got that hat as a gift and desperately wanted to try it out in the dark for a moment and were making a big fuss and it's the dad's only week of custody all summer after he forgot their birthday and he needs to win them back over so he says, "Yes go ahead. Your uptight mom would never allow this because she doesn't know how to have fun like your old Dad here, ha!" Fair enough. 

Generally I don't judge other parents when it comes to keeping their kid calm & happy, especially during travel, and I am soooo over adults whining about kids & parents existing alongside them in the public sphere, but in this case I gotta say "absolutely the hell not". I'm way too overly-self aware of other peoples' space when I'm out & about with my toddler to the point where it's probably detrimental to us. That blinky hat would be buried deep in the checked luggage. On flights my carry-on is crammed to the gills with quiet things to (hopefully) keep him occupied so everyone can have peace. I don't even put on headphones so I can be fully on top of every need. Just raw dog my thoughts the whole way. 

Not calling myself a hero, but I even pick up his trash despite being visibly pregnant, so again, no way I'm whipping out a flash hat.

But anyways, great news for the many hundreds of people who commented something along the lines of "THIS is why we need separate flights without kids". As Clem reported earlier this week you may be getting your wish for only a few bucks more.  

Overall, no matter what the kids are doing, my argument remains that adults are still way worse.