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The Eagles Are Simply Going To Refuse To Punt This Season After Not Naming A Punter To Their Final Roster

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

The Eagles had to make a lot of tough decisions yesterday to cut their roster down to 53 players. They had to let guys go who have been some decent contributors to this team over the years. Guys like Greg Ward and Britain Covey. But maybe the most notable cut of all was Arryn Siposs. 

Now most people outside of Philadelphia probably don't even know that Arryn Siposs is a guy who exists. They probably think that's just some made up name. But the cut of Arryn Siposs means that the Eagles currently have checks notes not a single punter on the roster. 

Now maybe there is some tomfoolery afoot here. Perhaps this is just some roster manipulation to put Arryn Siposs on the practice squad, and then be able to bring him back up for week 1. Perhaps Howie Roseman has a few moves up his sleeves and already has a few other guys at the punt position he's looking to bring in to replace Siposs. 

Or maybe….juuuuuuust maybe…the Eagles have finally figured out the secret to football. Never ever ever ever punt. Not in a million years should you ever punt. And turns out the easiest way to decide not to punt is if you just don't have a punter on the team. 

Socrates once said, "scared money don't make no money". The same sentiment could be applied to football. If your team is too scared to go for it on every 4th down, then you'll never be great. You'll never get up to that mountaintop of the NFL. Think about how many plays are wasted throughout a season because your team found themselves in a 4th & long situation that your coward coach decided to just punt away. Let's not forget that Jalen Hurts' first career touchdown in the NFL was on a 4th & 18. 

Punting is for cowards. Plain and simple. Nick Sirianni isn't carrying a couple of cantaloupes between his legs just to give the ball away 4-5 times per game. 

Sidenote: I would be totally down with the Eagles finding a way to bring in Punt God, though. Give me a dude who can boot the ball 80-yards down the field and I'd starting punting on 3rd down situations.