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You Be The Judge: Did This Bicycle Kick Go As Planned?

I'm far from a soccer expert but I kinda think he messed this up a little bit. In my humble --- and I'm talkin insanely humble--- opinion, you gotta rotate sooner and faster. The kick was almost there. Sure, there wasn't as much force as you'd like but it's certainly a start. We can work with the force of the kick over time. I'm just more concerned with the rotation in the jump and turn. Disgusting and it clearly wasnt ready for prime time.  

It seems like healing from a broken neck will take a little while but I think our young Prince can do it. He's just gotta get back on the horse, flip over, and try not to smash his face into the beach. If we can do that, buddy will be bicycle kicking his dick off in no time. After all, I went from not being able to do a flip at all to crushin this bad boy. This fella can do it too.