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Musical Artist Miguel Shoved Massive Hooks THROUGH THE SKIN OF HIS BACK and Suspends Himself From The Ceiling at His Own Concert

A true artist. A musician dedicated to his craft. In a world full of performers who roll onto the stage high on mescaline to give a couple half-ass performances every weekend, it's good to see a man shove 2 thick pieces of metal through his back and sing a love song while suspended 20 feet in the air.

I guess... I just made up the mescaline part. I doubt most artists are high on mescaline. And I actually have no fucking idea what Miguel is about. I'm not necessarily a Miguel guy. However, according to every single reply on Twitter, there is not a single Miguel song that lends itself to this type of BDSM adjacent behavior.

So I did a little further research, and to my surprise I actually know more Miguel songs than I had originally thought. I imagine you do as well. This is his most popular song. I'm guessing that most of you have heard it.

I can't help agree with the replies on this one. Nothing about this man Miguel screams, "hang me from the ceiling by the skin of my back and lower me into a pussy." He more so screams, "take a woman you love on an expensive date, then lay her on a bed covered in rose petals and make sweet gentle love to her."

The song he's singing while dangling by his skin is no different.


I'll give him one thing. There is a lyric in the song where he says "hanging by the ceiling.." However, Miguel does finish the lyrics with.. "by giant metal spikes shoved deep through my skin like I'm in a more X-rated version of 50 Shades of Grey."

To be fair, I don't exactly know what type of music should accompany such a grizzly looking stunt. I'm assuming it's like that one Supreme Court Justice said about porn - "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it." I don't know what Miguel could have sung to make his skin piercings seem appropriate, but it's certainly not that.

If there's any mainstream artist I would expect this from it's noted weird sex guy The Weeknd. This scene would have fit perfectly in 'The Idol' - his impressively bad HBO show where he hired a hot young actress to act out weird borderline rape fantasies with. Or if someone like the band Korn, or Slayer, or The Insane Clown Posse opened their next tour by lowering themselves from hooks in the backs of their necks. That would be metal. Kudos for Miguel for being the first artist to hope on this skin hanging wave, but from the little I know about the guy, I can't say it fits him that well.