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(Extremely Lame) People Got Angry At An Adele Fan For Standing Up At Her Concert in Vegas

TMZ- The guy who got chastised (and then defended) at Adele's concert is sorry the people behind him were bothered -- but says they have legs ... and should use them next time.

We talked to Juan Pablo -- who went viral after Adele stood up for him Saturday night in Vegas, this after security and other guests were trying to muzzle him -- and he tells TMZ he doesn't really have any regrets about how he handled things that night.

I’m totally at a loss on this one. Why…the fuck are people mad that someone was standing up at a concert? In Las Vegas? Even the most mellow concerts have people standing and swaying the entire time. Adele is a fucking superstar who sings HUGE ballads that you want to get on your feet for. I’m fully with this guy - you have legs! You can stand too! 

Adele even defended this guy and thank god, because people truly need to get a grip. Imagine being Adele and finding out that you have a sub-sect of LOSER fans who want to sit while she sings, and even worse, get mad at others for standing? I’d kick them out. Banned for life. I saw Shania Twain in Vegas and the whole room was jumping up and down! I truly cannot think of a single artist that I wouldn’t stand up for, or feel like it’d be “rude” to be standing. The Opera I guess? The Ballet? 

Let’s all remember to keep fun events fun. Stop being such a miserable waste of space that you need to start a fight in Las Vegas because you’ve got bad fucking vibes.