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Reason Number 1,0573,828 To Never Go To Australia: GIANT Snake Goes Viral After Being Seen Slithering Through The Trees Of A Neighborhood Like It's Nobody's Business


While there's been no shortage of snake sightings recently, particular in Queensland's north, some encounters leave a longer impression than the rest.

One stunned family were in a state of shock after a monstrous, metres-long carpet python was spotted "doing parkour" in their very own Queensland backyard, gliding briskly through the treetops, well above the ground.

In the video, the family are seen standing back to witness the hefty animal make its way from their rooftop, to a tree, before slithering again into another. The snake rears its head from the leaves in between movements, giving a glimpse at just how large the animal is.

I'd love to visit Australia. My fiancée (yes I somehow have convinced someone to become my fiancée) desperately wants to go to Australia with how beautiful the sights are. I can't be traveling to Australia when you have giant snakes like this slithering there way through trees and roof tops. I mean what the fuck is that? We've seen countless videos from Australia blogged on this website that all breathe the same message: don't fuck with Australia.  

Here's what I love though, experts are trying to tell us these snakes pose this little risk to humans.

Though the footage from an unknown Queensland location may seem like the stuff of nightmares for some, experts say the species poses very little risk to humans, and without any venom, most of the time carpet pythons can be left to tend to their own business without needing to be removed.

I don't care what facts you bring to the table, there's nothing you can tell me to comfort my worst fears when I see that snake in the trees. In my opinion the Australian version of the National Guard should be on site trying to take that thing down. Honestly if they destroyed the whole town to eliminate this snake I'd understand that logic. Instead I feel like the opposite is being done. Like they just go on with their day as that behemoth does its thing. I'd have the house packed up and the kids in the car, ready to move anywhere else. Those people are comfortably outside their home having a laugh, calm as can be.

As beautiful as the water may be, as awesome as the weather is, it's just not worth the life-risking daily encounters you find there. Spiders, snakes, sharks. No fucking thank you.