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I Signed Up For DeSean Jackson's New Series Pros Vs Bros So I Can Show His Old Ass That I Can Beat Him 1 V 1

In all seriousness I do think I can probably beat the old bag in a 40 yard dash, which I run at a 4.6. I can also beat him 1 v 1. He is way past his prime, hence the reason he is doing this, and people underrate my athleticism. I am very open about being a good athlete, and by that I mean I tell everyone every second of every day. I have tried to show people and do it against athletes so I thought this is a perfect example against one of the fastest receivers to play the game. I feel like if I do this I will be like Jake Paul when he fights retired guys. Oh he lost a step, that's why Marty beat him. 

Listen I know DeSean Jackson reads every Marty Mush blog, so let's do this. This will be for every Giants fan out there. I will get him back for what he did to us on that punt return. It is going to feel absolutely amazing when I dust him right off the line of scrimmage and do a fly eagles fly while I am in the end zone.  He is going to wish he was still in the NFL and not have an athletic specimen like myself torch him on the field. Take this challenge DeSean. Giants fans I will never let you down.