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Champions Hockey League Team Previews: Part II

$EBR we did it, we survived and made it to the start of another European hockey season. Thursday afternoon things open up in the Champions League. If you have been riding with the crew for the last 2 years you know we have dominated the books with these games and we plan to do it again.

This season there are a few rule changes that will surely make the more exciting and should create a lot more goals, which means Overs!

The 3 rules are : 

  • A team that caused a minor penalty will remain shorthanded even if the opposing team scores a goal

  • A minor penalty will be served even if a goal is scored while a delayed penalty is pending.

  • If a shorthanded team scores, the minor penalty will end

  • Not sure the bookmakers are paying attention to these rules, but we do and we will take full advantage.

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    Now it’s time to get to the team breakdowns and the drink of choice in each city since Big Deal Brew and Pink Whitney have not made their way across the Atlantic yet.

    TEAM:  EHC Biel-Bienne

    LEAGUE: Switzerland National League A

    2022-23 RECAP: Finished 2nd in the Regular Season and lost in the Final to Geneve-Servette.

    SIP 'EM:  Absinthe and the Green Fairy will give you some winners.

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    FUN FACT: Goalie Simon Rytzhas changed roles this season moving from the crease to the training room to become the team’s masseur.  

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    2023-24 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OUTLOOK: Knockout round is a must for this team.

    ODDS TO WIN: +1700

    PLAYER TO WATCH: Luca Hischier - Brother of New Jersey Devils Captain Nico Hischier.  Self-proclaimed better-looking brother. 

    $EBR BET: When the Finnish Olympic Gold Medal-winning goaltender Harri Säteri plays we will take the under.

    TEAM:  ERC Ingolstadt

    LEAGUE: German Ice Hockey League - DEL

    2022-23 RECAP: Finished the Regular Season in 2nd place and lost in the finals to Munchen Red Bull.  This team is primed to make a run again in the domestic league.  

    SIP 'EM: HerrnBrau beer.. 3 minimum. 

    FUN FACT: General Manager Tim Regan and Assistant Coach Brad Tapper played at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Tapper is possibly the worst Acey Deucey player of all time. 

    2023-24 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OUTLOOK: Coach Mark French uses a very detailed system and will get the team to the knockout stage. I do not see this team losing many home games in the tournament.  

    ODDS TO WIN: +3500

    PLAYER TO WATCH: Travis St. Denis comes over from the Straubing Tigers after putting up 49 points in 55 games and for a small guy he is not afraid to mix it up!

    $EBR BET: Ingolstadt and Under

    TEAM: Färjestad Karlstad

    LEAGUE: Swedish Hockey League - SHL

    2022-23 RECAP: Finished 3rd in the Regular Season and were upset in the Quarterfinals by Frölunda.  I really like this team in the SHL this season.  

    SIP 'EM: Gin and Tonic at Koriander

    FUN FACT: 10 Swedish Championships 

    2023-24 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OUTLOOK: Swedish teams historically dominate in the Champions League, this team will advance easily to the knockout round.  Do they have enough to lift the trophy? When the knockout stages start the fans will have this arena rocking. 

    ODDS TO WIN: +550

    PLAYER TO WATCH: Liam Öhgren - Minnesota Wild 1st round pick in 2023.

    $EBR BET: Färjestad on the puck-line 

    TEAM:  Genève-Servette

    LEAGUE: Switzerland National League A

    2022-23 RECAP: Finished first in the Regular Season and won its first-ever Swiss Championship. This was huge for the club and the celebration on the ice was electric.

    SIP 'EM: Chasselas White Wine on ice for those early afternoon puck drops.

    FUN FACT: The oldest club in Switzerland was founded in 1905

    2023-24 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OUTLOOK: This team is loaded and will advance to the knockout round and can see them in the final four.  A lot of the luck comes from the draw and where the team is in the domestic league but this team will take the Champions League seriously. 

    ODDS TO WIN: +1100

    PLAYER TO WATCH: Marc-Antoine Pouliot - The Edmonton Oilers 1st round pick back in 2003 had 49 points in 45 games last season for Genève.

    $EBR BET: We're taking a flyer on them winning it all  +1100 

    Everybody Rides!!!

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