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The Colts Are A Great Bet To Be The Worst Team In The NFL

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As much optimism as the Colts organization and players are telling you they have for the future of Anthony Richardson, I think it’s a big load of bullshit. Does he have a ton of physical talent? Of course. He’s a freak athlete and has a cannon for an arm. But those two things alone don’t make you a great a quarterback and they especially don’t make you one in your rookie season. AR has been named the starter and I just simply don’t believe he’s ready to play in the NFL. He was incredibly inconsistent in college and I struggle to see how that changes at a higher level of football.

At +1400 I think there are much worse bets you can make than the Indianapolis Colts to have the worst record in football. Obviously the front runner for the award is the Cardinals and rightfully so because on paper they are absolutely atrocious. Kyler Murray out for (most likely) the year, they’ve traded away a lot of talent and should be pretty bad on the offensive line and on defense, no exactly a recipe for success. However, if things go bad for the Colts, they have the potential to go REALLY bad. JT is all but gone after requesting a trade, they’ve lost significant defensive talent to free agency at multiple positions and aren’t exactly littered with weapons to help Richardson out. If AR struggles this team could be a total disaster. Only thing the Colts have going for them is the division is probably the worst in football. Jags should be good but the Titans and Texans are no world beaters. Titans should at least have a decent defense and a good run game. Texans I dont expect to be very good but did more to improve than the Colts did in my opinion. They have some nice young defensive pieces and added a few decent offensive weapons to help Stroud as a rookie. I also think he’s more polished of a passer and overall player as a rookie and should display that with his play this season.