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Who Ya Got? The "Olivia Dunne Of The Diamond" Brylie St. Clair Or The "College Version Paige Spiranac" In Lilia Schneider

We're cruising along here at Barstool HQ on this cloudy NYC Monday. Well, besides Frank screaming about Apple and iPhones of course. No seriously, if Apple ever decided to sponsor Barstool Sports Frank might be forced to resign. I haven't heard a tirade like this since the last time the Mets blew a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Besides that we're just easing into the work week. Let's dive into the smut game a little, shall we? 

Livvy Dunne gets a ton of the shine these days when it comes to women's college athletics. She's a mega star. The LeBron James of NIL. As much of a monster as she is, there are others out there who deserve a slice of the spotlight. 

Meet Brylie St. Clair, a 5th year senior who plays outfield for Mississippi State softball. Brandon Walker, control yourself. 

She's been dubbed the "Olivia Dunne of the diamond" and I don't have any arguments. 

My friend in college dated a softball player and I don't remember her looking like this.  

A little over 200k followers on Tiktok doesn't feel like enough, 

Then you have Lilia Schneider, a college golfer for Marian University. She used to be linked to Bryson DeChambeau. 

As someone who is always looking to fix his broken golf swing, this isn't the worst idea for a solution. 

If you're not giving these two women NIL money then there's something wrong with you.