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College Football First Down Rule Change Results In 7% Less Plays But Length Of Game Is Only Down 1% aka WAY MORE COMMERCIALS

Genuine question...when does College Football start feeling a lot less like College Football and more like a professional sports league in which money is king? Or is it like it already? Or was College Football/basketball always like this since even before Neon Boudeaux and Blue Chips or Barkley claiming he went to Auburn because they paid him the most? 

Easily the very latter, but man, they don't even try to hide it anymore. There was seemingly no reason for College Football to eliminate the stoppage of time after first downs. The over ALWAYS being in play was forever a delight. But alas, there was one reason to the powers that be. A big one: 

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The Almighty Dollar - or The all ighty ollar for the civilized. Just taking away enjoyment of the game for a few more ad dollars. That's capitalism, baby. What? Are you going to stop watching College Football now? Exactly. The more money these greedy bastards can make the more money these greedy bastards are going to make. That's just the way it is. 

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