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Hannah Montana's Mitchel Musso Got Arrested For Being Drunk In Public And Stealing A Bag Of Chips (Who Among Us?)

Mitchel Musso is out of jail after a run-in with the law.

The Hannah Montana alum, 32, was arrested for public intoxication and theft in Texas on Aug. 26, the Rockwall Police Department shared in a press release. According to authorities, they received a call about a person causing a disturbance at a hotel.

"Upon arrival, officers contacted the complainant who advised an individual who appeared intoxicated entered the hotel, selected a bag of chips and began eating them," the department's Aug. 27 press release stated. "When the subject was asked to pay for them, he became verbally abusive and left without rendering payment."

Another child star gets embarrassed by acting drunk and stupid in public! Look at this mugshot:

Not the best look. From where I see it, this man is my exact age, and the fact he hasn't been in any kind of trouble before this? He's totally fine. Who among us hasn't gotten too drunk in Texas snd started causing a ruckus upon returning to their own hotel. 

I know people will give Mitchel shit here for being rude to the hotel staff, and I don't condone that at all. But...isn't it nice that he felt so comfortable at this hotel, his blackout brain told him to let his guard down and snag those chips? Maybe he needed those chips for IMMEDIATE survival? I'd imagine he saw these chips, assumed "they'll just put them on the room," and was extremely confused when he started getting yelled at. One of the best parts of staying at a hotel is "putting everything on the room" when you come back drunk. I also think this is the LEAST offensive thing I've ever heard being done in a hotel? He got drunk and swiped a bag of Doritos. Are we really calling the police because he was drunk and being mean? Zero physical threat, but somehow this man pays $1,000 fine and gets a night in jail. 

I'm all for upholding the law when necessary but this feels like a massive waste of time and a total smear campaign on an old child star. People know who Mitchel is, people know his character on Hannah Montana was a little bit of a lovable weirdo, and I'm sure they thought it'd be hilarious to embarrass someone like this publicly. I disagree. I stand with Mitchel. If we can't stumble back into the lobby of the hotel we're staying at, and have a 5-10 minute incoherent conversation with someone trying to force you to pay for a 5 dollar chip bag when you can't even repeat your own name, I don't want to live in the world anymore.