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Bizarre Twist In The Luis Rubiales Saga - His Mom Locked Herself In A Church And Is On A Hunger Strike Because Everyone Is Calling Him A Creep

An inhumane witch-hunt? Come on lady, drop the whole mom thing and let's realize your son is an all-time creep. In case you missed it, this is what Luis Rubiales did after Spain won the World Cup: 

Eurasia Sport Images. Getty Images.

Planted a kiss on Jenni Hermoso, claiming it was consensual and not a big deal. Slight problem, Hermoso came out and said she didn't want to be kissed. 

All of Spain basically backed her. You had men's players calling for Rubiales to resign. You had a men's national team member refuse to play: 

The women's entire team threatened to sit out matches: 

All this as Rubiales just kept going on about how he won't resign: 

Remember this is the team that just won the World Cup! That's what makes all of this crazier and that's before we get to his mom. I don't care if you're his mom, maybe just stay out of the news? That would probably be ideal if you're related to this dude, because he's confirmed a creep. I mean he's universally hated and rightfully so. Locking yourself in a church and going on a hunger strike because he's suspended by FIFA and people are calling him out makes you the most insane person in the world. I'm not even trying to use hyperbole here. 

When you have an entire nation of soccer players calling this dude out, I don't know why you're digging heels in and only suspending him. Seems pretty easy to be like see ya dude, we'll find someone who won't kiss players out of nowhere. Might even make it priority number 1. All I know is the hunger strike by the mom is batshit crazy. Maybe just sit in the house and do nothing.