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Peace In Our Skies: An Airline Is Making An "Adults Only" Section Of Their Plane That Is Only For Passengers Ages 16 And Older

Radist. Getty Images.

(Source)- Corendon is the first European airline to offer the service, which allows passengers to book a seat in the ‘Only Adult’ zone for an extra $75. The zone will be accessible from November this year on flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The child-free area will be made up of 93 seats at the front of the plane, as well as an additional nine with extra legroom, and will be sectioned off with walls and curtains.  The service targets childless travellers looking for a tranquil flying experience, as well as offering families the comfort of flying without fear of disturbing other passengers. 

PEACE IN OUR SKIES AND PEACE IN OUR TIME!!! After years of hearing people bitch about being stuck on flights with babies and kids, Corendon is out here ensuring that the friendly skies will be a little friendlier by separating the complainers from the breeders. I know that all they are doing is putting a thin curtain between these two groups of people. But anybody that has ever flown behind the fancy fucks in first class knows that those curtains might as well be the Berlin Wall that creates an impenetrable line of demarcation between the Haves and the Have Nots (to be clear, the people that have kids are actually the Have Nots since their kids inevitably suck everything out your lives that you have ever worked for but that's for another blog).

The people that are spending $75 for some peace and quiet will definitely feel like they are getting a deal for having to avoid dealing with the screaming, kicking, and all around nonsense that kids can bring on an airplane. But I imagine that parents slumming it in the Kids Section will be relieved that they don't have to be on super high alert of their kid bothering a bunch of total strangers on a cramped flight for hours at a time. 

Flying sucks enough when you aren't trying to keep a tiny human time bomb from exploding during an endless day with security lines, turbulence, and at best spotty wifi. Knowing that you are exclusively in the company of other people living in The Suck as well as people that refused to spend a few extra bucks to upgrade out of the Thunderdome because they know any modern headphones worth their salt will drown out even the loudest screams will give all those parents flying with little ones the closest thing to peace of mind that they have had since their ankle biters were born.

Also, Corendon should take this thinking to the next level and make a real Adult Only section on this route that embraces Amsterdam's Red Light district. You would probably have to charge slightly more than $75 for this upgrade and it may lead to grosser clean ups than the spit up and smashed crayons back in Kidsland. But anything less than going full degen makes an Adult Only section flight from Amsterdam seem like a half measure to me.