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Messi Is Simply The Best Show In American Sports - Delivered Another Ridiculous Play, Had Fat Joe In The Stands Screaming For Him

Good God man, that's ridiculous. It's not the goal obviously, it's the pass that leads up to his own goal. You don't see that too often, but that's Messi.

This is just Messi though and with Taylor Swift moving the Eras Tour to Mexico, South America and Europe, he's the biggest show in America. This is different than when Beckham came over. This is different than anything we've seen with football, basketball. The closest I can think is Ohtani because Inter Miami technically sucks like the Angels do. Only thing is people actually get to see soccer highlights and somehow it's easier to see Messi than Ohtani, but you get the point. 

You had the match being streamed in Times Square: 

You had people freaking out that he wasn't going to play because the cheapest ticket was somewhere around the $450 range

But, hey, I get it. Look at this fucking pass

He has Fat Joe screaming his name: 

He's got Swan Lee and French Montana for the younger rap crowd

Hilarious that this was technically his first MLS game. Dude came off the bench, still somehow made a ridiculous play on easy mode.