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This Video Of Women Entering Chris Brown's Party Like It's Game 7 Of The NBA Finals Is All-Time

I love this video. I can't stop watching. Look at those locked in faces. Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Do or die. Win or go home. It's showtime ladies. This is like the NBA Draft for club girls. One right move and your life could change forever. All business. Career high time. I never thought I'd see a baddie tunnel. Truly special stuff.

No idea who this is, but she's the main character:

Most confident walk these eyes have ever seen. Not even prime Real Madrid had this level of depth. We never really get videos or find out what happens inside clubs, but I imagine it's the ultimate people watching scene. I could sit in there for hours. So can this guy apparently:

Never seen a happier human in my life. He's just living. A+ choice on the Super Mario Bros shirt but I'm not sure that's really going out attire. Fuck it, you're not breaking his stride. Let the bad bitch combine commence. To the victor belong the spoils.