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Livvy Dunne's Boyfriend Paul Skenes Couldn't Get Out Of The 1st Inning In His AA Debut And Now Has A 54.00 ERA

Oh no, Paul Skenes. Are the lights too bright for him? And I'm not talking about the stadium lights in Altoona. I'm talking about the fact that he's dating one of the biggest rockstars on planet Earth and I don't know if he can handle it. I have zero long term concerns about Paul Skenes as a pitcher. I don't think he'd actually give up 54 runs per game if he were to throw all 9 innings, even though his ERA says he would. But I officially have major concerns about Paul Skenes as a PERSON. Will Livvy be okay with this? Or will she be Dunne? 

The fact of the matter is is that although Paul Skenes did win the National Championship at LSU and went #1 overall in the MLB Draft, he's a C List celebrity at best. I'm surprised Livvy Dunn is okay with dating a AA player in general, let alone one that gave up 5 baserunners and 4 earned runs in the first inning to a team called the Rubber Ducks. I'm assuming Skenes won't have a pink slip from the Pirates in his locker after the game, but will there be one from his girlfriend? 

The good news for Paul is that Altoona did score 5 in the second inning to take the lead. So as of right now it looks like it's a No Decision on the mound and from Livvy. Will stay tuned for the latter.