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NOT WRONG: Colin Cowherd Can't See Geno Smith Raising The AFC Championship Trophy Over Mahomes Or Burrow

Colin Cowherd when you think it's impossible to brutally fuck up yet another well known sports fact or easily Google-able topic: 

Giphy Images.

Wait…he's technically not wrong! Just as Dwayne Haskins won't be winning any MVP's any time soon, Geno Smith for sure won't be raising any AFC Championship trophies. Or…will he? Maybe it's time to somehow find a sportsbook that accepts +9000000000000 odds on it happening. If anyone could be THIS wrong on a take, it might be Colin Cowherd. It honestly would be some epic super anti-mojo not even God or equally powerful Bob Nightengale Tweet could mush if Geno Smith someway, somehow hoists the AFC Championship trophy this year. Seattle could possibly switch conferences mid-season or Smith could indeed be traded to an AFC team and take down the crown? Might be worth a shot! Or maybe, just maybe, a national sports figure making millions of dollars a year could get the simplest of sports tidbits correct. It's really getting out of hand at this point. 

Am I piling on a 3-day old Colin Cowherd take because of his outward, biased hatred towards the City of Philadelphia and its fanbase? Yes. Yes I am. Do I give a rat's dick - Wiz Wit? No. No I don't. 

Fuck you Colin Cowherd and the horse you rode in on you allegedly did or did not fuck.