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RIP Bob Barker - A Legend Of TV, Gameshows, And Life

TMZ - Bob Barker, the iconic American game show host and animal rights activist, has died ... TMZ has learned. Barker died at his home Saturday morning in L.A. His rep tells TMZ Bob died of natural causes. The longtime host of "The Price Is Right" actually got his start in game shows after legendary producer Ralph Edwards discovered him while listening to Bob's radio show and hired him for TV. Barker started off hosting the iconic hit, "Truth or Consequences" back in 1956, on which he starred until 1975. He also hosted a number of other game shows and programs over the years, including "Dream Girl of '67," "Tattletales," 'Miss Universe,' and most famously ... "The Price is Right," which he produced and hosted until 2007.

99-years for ol' Bobby B. What a run. Any baby from the '70's-'80'-90's knows that incredible feeling of staying home from school and automatically having The Price Is Right on the to-do list. The man was a staple in everyone's lives and daily routines for GENERATIONS. An iconic presence through and through on daytime TV and beyond. I mean, who else can kick the living piss out of the lovable Adam Sandler and get away with it? 


But naturally Bob Barker will go down as one of, if not the greatest gameshow host of all-time - him, Trebek, and Regis and Regis can now duke it out over that title upstairs. No offense to Drew Carey, but Bob Barker hosting the Showcase Showdown, introducing Plinko, and sinking putts was untouchable stuff. Everyone from Jesse Pinkman to Loud Sean graced the stage with the man and his memories will live on for generations to come. 

Goodnight, sweet prince. Please remember to have all your pets spayed and neutered in this life and beyond. 

PS - Still one of the most absurd videos ever documented. I'm actually surprised this sequence didn't kill Bob Barker on the spot.