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There's Not A Single Person On Earth Who Believes Jerry Jones In This Video Saying 'He's Not Trying To Influence Anyone' During A Cowboys Decision

Come on, there's not a soul who believes Jerry here right? He's not trying to influence anyone? That's all Jerry Jones does. He makes the decisions, he gets who he wants. You thought there was a chance they'd take the trade with Kansas City to move back? Absolutely not. You thought they wouldn't take Mazi Smith after listening to Jerry talk about him? Come on. He would have taken him number 1 after seeing this video. 

That said, I need more of this. I need all the videos from draft rooms and how teams operate. It's way more interesting to me than Hard Knocks. I could watch every single team go through an exercise like this because everyone does it differently. Some people trade all the time. Some people go with their gut. But Jerry? Jerry does what Jerry wants. It's part of what makes the Cowboys collapse every year beautiful. That and their dumbass, annoying fans. 

How quick do we think Mike McCarthy was agreeing with Jerry here? He knows who he's gotta win over. Jerry Jones could have said they are drafting a punter and McCarthy would have went all in about how it improves their special teams. I've never seen someone blindly agree faster.