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Update The Log: Woman Says She Gets The "Ick" When Men Use Their Car Blinkers

Update the log!

Another installment of what men can't do these days without giving women the "ick". Every week we have a new edition and this week's may take the cake. I get it. You don't want them wearing skinny jeans a la Portnoy. Or being too funny because then they've probably got 17 women on their roster. 

You can find a problem with anything if you try hard enough. A couple weeks ago it was a woman doesn't like seeing a man smiling because that means they're too happy. And only she should make you that happy. And following the law and driving like a responsible adult? You should be single buddy. You're too much of a follower to LEAD in a relationship. Not on these gal's watch. Real men get tickets. 

Apparently this guy films these a lot around college campuses, so let's update the log with a few more of those things we can't do:

Totally normal ick to have being compared to Angel Reese everywhere you go. My research shows me this is filmed on LSU's campus too.


Don't be too friendly men. But also figure out how to be friendly according to the girl the very next frame. Ironic.

And don't wear V necks. I'm not sure anyone still does anyway. Alright that's enough icks for one day. See ya.