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Counterpoint: Week Zero Is The Start Of College Football, This Perfect Video And Logic Proves It

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. That right there is all I needed to know that I had to write a counterpoint blog to Big T saying Week 0 isn't the start of college football. 

Let me say real quick I like Big T, as long as we don't have to talk about Tennessee football, Tennessee basketball, anything Kentucky related or now Week 0 in college football. He's a great guy to break down self-defense tactics with and how to rile people up. Some say he's elite at that. So when I say here's a logical though it's not coming from malice, it's simply coming from a brain using logic.

Week 0 is the start of college football because there are scores and records will change. That's it. That's the only logical thought here. Calling it week zero is the thing that's not logical. Just call it week 1, even if the schedule sucks, it's still real football games. That's uh the start where I come from. Do we care about the schedule? Of course not. We're just excited to have football on our TVs again. 

Now fire up the hype video again because I'm sick of waiting. 

PS: If the games didn't matter would there be a Pick Em episode? Point, me: