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Erika Goldring. Getty Images.

I used to think I was the biggest Zach Bryan fan at Barstool, but I got cucked so hard after bringing Brianna to a concert. I am totally happy for them, but I still think I am a bigger fan of the music. He just dropped a heater of an album last night I am still processing all the emotions and lyrics of but goddamn "I Remember Everything" with Kayce Musgraves is a heater. I've been just chilling with my dog listening to the music and every time a dog gets mentioned in the music I give him a "Yo this applies to you" look and he gets it. He also had Tyler Childers'  alleged "Charleston Girl" Sierra Ferrell on the album on "Holy Roller". The album is coming off a breakup so all this is coming from the heart. 

The album is going to carry us all through the dog days of summer into football season so I really can't complain. The Lumineers are also on the record. 

Now all I am saying is Zach delivered when Drake didn't. 

Also, Zach made reforms to his ticket sales to keep prices down while Taylor Swift did nothing when her fans complained. The man keeps his promises to his fans and you can't deny that. You see I feel artists treat their fans like they do their dogs. I know Zach Bryan brings his dog on tour and chills with him like he's a bro, Taylor Swift and Drake probably have foo foo ass lap dogs that they have helped take care of. That's why I feel better being a Zach Bryan fan than a simp ass like this smokes kid who has an OVO tattoo for an artist who won't keep their promises. 

I am still digesting the ZB album but Turnpike Troubadours also dropped a new record. 

My favorite is Mean Old Sun because it's the only one I have listened to. It is an amazing beer-drinking song. 

Enjoy one of the last weekends of the summer; There's amazing music to listen to and plenty of sun to soak, beers to drink, dogs to run, and lovers to love.