Most Famous Mugshots of All-Time

Let me put on my politics hat for a brief second. Donald Trump, and a handful of other politicians associated with Donald Trump were booked yesterday. Donald Trump's mugshot is now featured in 50% of posts across all social media platforms. For the low price of $32+ shipping and handling, you can wear the former president's angry face on your chest. Barstool Sports is the only place on the internet where you'll find this, and supplies won't last forever. There's a finite amount of cotton in the world. So act now. Buy a shirt. Buy 3 shirts. You might never get this chance again.

Donald Trump's mugshot is now and forever will be the most famous mugshot in the history in the world. I really don't think there is a close second. Even the most famous mugshots of all time don't touch how much play Trump's is about to get.

I'm sure I'm going to miss a handful a famous ones. Turns out there are A LOT of famous people who have been arrested. So I'm just going to let some rip off the top of my head until I can't think of anymore, then I'll Google "famous mugshots" to help round out the list. 

Non-convicted wife murderer & fantasy football enthusiast O.J. Simpson is always the first mugshot that comes to mind. 

The Michael Jackson mugshot is forever seared into my brain. It legitimately haunted me as a child. For good reason too.

I don't even know the hot felon guy's name, or what he did to get arrested, but his mugshot went mega viral. I'm pretty sure he parlayed his arrest into a legitimate modeling career.


Lindsay Lohan was one of the first mugshots I thought of, but now I realize that's only because a new one drops about once a year. She looks great. Not great as in healthy. But great as in a "still pretty hot" kind of way.

I actually remembered this mugshot as Gary Busey in my head. Turns out it was just Nick Nolte doing a Gary Busey impression.

Al Capone has several mugshots, but I always remember the one where he's wearing a hat. It's nice they let him keep his hat on. I also just learned that when Al Capone was transferred out of Alcatraz (because he was dying of syphilis) they sent him to a place in California called "Terminal Island". That's pretty dark.

My favorite fact about Pablo Escobar is that he illegally imported a bunch of hippos to Columbia, which led to Columbia getting overrun by cocaine attack hippos (or something like that I forget the exact story).


Bill Gates was arrested for a traffic violation in 1977, which is a very weak way to get a mugshot. You can tell he's not in any real trouble because of how happy he is.

James Brown was a disaster of a person in this picture. Not a single thing on his body is "kempt".

There's a bunch of rapper mugshots out there, but I think Tupac is probably the most famous one. 


When Jimi Hendrix played his version of the National Anthem, were people mad because you're not supposed to make edits to the anthem. I feel like if he did that today there would be a Twitter army after him.

I can't think of Mick Jagger or David Bowie without thinking of that weird ass Dancing In The Street music video. If they didn't fuck after that then that's the biggest waste of sexual energy of all time.

And they both have famous mugshots.


I don't know much about Frank Sinatra, but he's a very handsome man, and looks exactly like the dude from Will & Grace.

Giphy Images.

I'm trying to avoid politics all together but if we're doing famous mugshots I have to include MLK.

I forgot how crazy Justin Bieber used to be. He really lost it there for a minute. Got a DUI at 19 years old. 


And who could forget the infamous Lee O. 

I'll end with this Elvis mugshot, which appears everywhere when you search for famous mugshots. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't a real mugshot at all, and he was actually getting some sort of award from the government and for some reason had a mugshot taken as a part of it. I was bummed when I saw that because I thought it was hilarious that the cops let him wear his sunglasses.

I'm sure there's a ton that I'm forgetting. I know there are because I had to Google a lot of these, and there are plenty of famous mugshot lists on the internet. Pound off in the comments with any mugshots I missed. 

God damn it I just remembered one I have to include.

NOTE: I completely forgot Tiger Woods when I published. Adding it now. That one's inexcusable and I should arguably be fired for that.


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