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Track Tough: Sprinter Competes In Race After Golf Cart Transporting The Runners Crashed And Left Shards Of Glass In His Eye

David Ramos. Getty Images.

ESPN -- A collision involving a cart carrying 200-meter runners to their semifinal race at world championships Thursday sent glass shards flying into the right eye of Jamaican sprinter Andrew Hudson, forcing him to race with blurred vision.

The 26-year-old, racing in his first world championships, said doctors had flushed some of the glass out after the accident. He said he couldn't see out of his right eye but he decided to race nonetheless.

Could you imagine the circus that would ensue if LeBron James got into a little golf cart accident before game 7 of the Western Conference Finals? It would be calamity. You'd have all of social media sending their thoughts and prayers. You'd have team accounts putting out edits of LeBron in black and white like the guy just died. He wouldn't see the basketball court again for at least the next several months. 

But track runners? They're a different breed of athlete. They're tough as nails, and there's not a damn thing that'll stop them from competing. So if Jamaican sprinter Andrew Hudson has to run with a little bit of glass in his eye because some dumbass volunteer worker doesn't know how to drive a golf cart? Then so be it. 

I mean what's even going on here? How does that even happen? I get being drunk with the fellas at the annual scramble and crashing into the back of your playing partner's cart on the next tee box. Always a funny little prank that gets the boys going. But this crash makes such little sense that you almost have to wonder if it was on purpose. Follow the money. Did somebody get a quick little direct deposit to take one of these runners out of the race? That's the only explanation here that would add up. Other than, of course, having a Grade A certified jackass behind the wheel of both these golf carts. 

Either way, you weren't going to keep Andrew Hudson out of this race. The man worked too hard to get there. A few shards of glass in the eye is a helluva long way from the heart. Andrew Hudson was born to be a hockey player. But they don't have a ton of hockey in Jamaica, so sprinting is the next best thing. 

Sidenote: Noah Lyles ended up winning the heat. USA! USA! USA!