Predictably, 'Dune: Part Two' Has Been Delayed

We all knew this day was coming but god damn does it still suck to have it confirmed. For most people, Dune 2 was either near or at the top of their most-anticipated list for the rest of the movie year and for good reason. The first movie set up the stage perfectly for an explosive second movie from arguably the best director of the 2010s-present. 

There are still a lot of good movies on the horizon (Killers of the Flower Moon) but this is a massive blow for movie fellas everywhere. 

Also, reminder, this is something that should be very fixable for studios. The strike is for the 160,000 who have a median salary of $46,960 in 2021 (with the lower quartile averaging $30,040) while studios make over $12 billion a year. Not to mention the sheer volume of actors and writers getting fucked out of the massive residuals they should be earning from streaming. But while they remain on strike, the Hollywood fat cats are content to belittle them and starve them into submission. 

Heres how the proposed deal, which studios have denied, would actually affect their bottom line (via Deadline)