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Kevin Hart Thought He Could Beat Former NFL RB Stevan Ridley In A 40-Yard Dash And Ended Up In A Wheelchair With A Torn Lower Abdomen

40 year old men and 40 yard dashes. Name a worse combo. Trying to seriously run after the age of like 30 has to be the most humbling experience in the world. You could tell Kevin was talking through it and realized how it just hit him. Pure look of defeat for what is an incredibly avoidable injury at that frail age. 

And can we talk about his opponent? Stevan Ridley wasn't exactly CJ2K either. That's Patriots legend Stevan Ridley to all of you though. Minnesota Vikings if you're me. Just goes to show you the true gap of (washed/retired) professional athletes vs regular ass dudes. Not like Kevin Hart is in bad shape either. I'm pretty sure he does marathons too. Whole different ballpark when it comes to the sprint game. One 40-yard dash had his knee looking like that viral fall of the bone leg:

"What are we competing for at this age? What are we doing? Stupidest shit ever. Now I can't walk. All because I wanted to be the fastest at the barbecue" had me crying laughing though. Kevin Hart really one of the comedic greats. So it's a shame he has to tell the story that Stevan Ridley of all people cooked him to Bolivan. I'd pay infinity dollars to see the race video though. The Internet will feed that to us if it hasn't fell off. 

Another point for Father Time in the ole battle versus man. Undefeated. And still.