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Catching A Home Run Ball And Immediately Flipping Off The Outfielder Is Such A Great Move

What a move here by the surfer bro in the left field seats down in Tampa. The good ole fashioned catch n flip. A professional move that we really don't see that often. Usually if a fan catches a home run their immediate reaction is to turn back towards the crowd or stay staring at the field with their arms spread out like "take a look at this guy". 

Usually that is how it goes, but this guy pulled that middle finger out and really gave it to the outfielder out there. I mean that was a passionate bird. He like threw himself at him, he almost fell out of his seat! You could read his lips too, he gave a nice, hard "FUCK YOU" back at him. That felt personal for some reason. His buddy next to him followed up with the double bird too, they were coming at him from all angles. Such a funny move here, nothing but respect for that hardcore bird flip.