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Since "For All The Dogs" Is Dropping This Friday I Figured It's Time To Let Everyone Know That Drake Is A Better Artist Than J Cole

When it comes to the world of hip-hop and rap, two prominent figures often dominate discussions: Drake and J. Cole. Both of these artist are icons but when it comes to who's the better artist, it's not even a debate, it's Drake.

One of the main reasons why I put Drake ahead of J Cole is his versatility in sound. Drake checks every box within hip-hop, from trap to R&B, pop, and even fucking techno seamlessly!! The reason why Drake is always number 1 is because you never know what you're going to get. He can drop a 15 song album and not one song will sound the same as the other. Every album has something for everybody. J Cole, on the other hand, is often recognized for his legendary lyricism, but his musical range doesn't even compete with Drake.

Awards aren't everything but Drake has all of them. His albums consistently top charts worldwide, breaking records for the most streams in a single day. Aside from breaking the most streams in a day, Drake has the most streams of all time, 61 BILLION! Drake's albums and singles live on the charts. Drakes "Take Care" album spent 500 WEEKS on Billboard. This level of commercial success isn't to shit on J Cole's accomplishments, but Drake's widespread popularity speaks volumes about his impact on the industry.

Drake's collaborations are unmatched.  As he once said "I jump on your song and make a label think they need ya." His ability to seamlessly collaborate with artists across genres has helped him transcend boundaries and expand his reach. From working with fellow rappers to collaborating with pop stars and even international artists, Drake's versatility in this arena is unmatched. J. Cole tends to be more selective with collaborations, which might have something to do with his artistic integrity, but it also limits his exposure to diverse audiences.

Drake possesses an uncanny ability to create timeless hits that remain relevant for years. Drakes albums age like fine wine. The older the album gets the better it sounds. It's like when you go back and hear an old Wayne song, and hear a bar that was there the entire time but you never really HEARD it. Drakes music will live forever. J Cole's music will last a long time, just not as long as Drakes.

Both Drake and J. Cole are legends who have changed the world of hip-hop and rap forever. However, when considering factors such as versatility, commercial success, collaborations, and hit-making abilities, Drake emerges as the better artist.

For All The Dogs drops this Friday.......