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Jackson Mahomes is BACK, Baby! He's Posted His First TikTok Since His Sexual Assault Arrest. Sadly Though, His Legion of Fans No Longer Care.

Jay Biggerstaff. Getty Images.

Late August is that time where everyone in the NFL is busily preparing for the long season that is just mere weeks away. Players. Coaches. Fans:

Officials. Broadcasters. Football operations personnel. And shameless, clout-chasing, narcissistic attention whores who glom onto their talented family members for personal fame despite a total lack of discernible talent. Like the ramora that attach themselves to sharks to feed off their scraps, bottom feeders in the football world have to practice too. Otherwise they'll starve. 

The most famous of whom is, of course, Jackson Mahomes. And his area of expertise is TikTok. Specifically TikToks where he lip syncs unconvincingly and dances unenthusiastically. Which always guarantees him 7-figure Like totals from his millions of followers. The three videos he pumped out in the immediate aftermath of his brother's second Super Bowl win garnered him 4.7 million, 6.7 million, and 5 million Likes respectively. The next one, titled "PARADE TIME" collected 3.9 million. He's a TikTok Likes factory, and the production lines work 'round the clock.

Let's make that "used to." Ever since he got arrested for grabbing a restaurant owner and forcing his tongue into her mouth against her will - right in front of security cameras - back at the beginning of May:

… an incident which, not coincidentally led to the woman having to shut down the business she'd built:

… he's gone full radio silence. He's been off the grid. Not a word, a song lyric, or a dance step out of him. 

Until now, that is. Because there's a season coming. And America can't fully enjoy its national pastime without Patrick Mahomes' greatest liability:

This one though? It's only got 170,000 likes. Impressive if it's just you're garden variety wannabe influencer. And more than I could get if I set myself on fire like a 1960s Vietnamese monk. But a spectacular fall from grace for a guy who's penultimate video before this had 4.2 million. That's a dropoff of just under 96%. Sad. Tragic, almost. 

And goes without saying that the comments are less than kind. A lot of them along the lines of:

  • why r u back
  • Do NOT show up at any football stadium anywhere
  • How's the case?
  • I tried to get into the Aspen Lounge today but it's closed
  • Imagine you're a nobody thinking you're a somebody. Lol

There's 584 in all, and looking at a small sample size, Jackson's popularity is below 50% with his own constituents.

You just hate to see it. Unless it's happening to an entitled, self-absorbed coattail-riding accused sexual assault suspect who reportedly treated a woman's minimum wage teenage employees like garbage and threatened them if they told the truth about what happened in the restaurant. Allegedly. I mean, if the TikTok community who made Jackson Mahomes famous have no use for him, who can he turn to? I'm afraid he's in for a long season.