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The Swamp Kings Hate Is Flat Out Ridiculous

There’s a lot of outrage about the Netflix Documentary, "The Swamp Kings", some of it is justified, most of it is being blown out of proportion.

Let’s starts with what’s wrong. My colleagues Jack and Cruz did a good job going over what was wrong so I’ll just link them below:

Let’s start with the obvious, Aaron Hernandez. What did everyone expect? There’s already an entire documentary about Aaron Hernandez on Netflix. Netflix already went over everything that happened from his time in high school all the way to his arrest in the NFL. He’s dead, they already dragged him through the mud why would they go back and do it again when there’s already a documentary about it. As for Cam Newton, he stole a laptop and got caught. Do you want a 30 minute piece about it? It’s not much of a story. The only thing they could have cleared up was that it was the university that kicked him out of the school, not the football program, which as a Gator fan blows because we probably would have won another national championship. As for the Pouncey brothers, they didn’t do anything too out of line, aside from being friends with Aaron Hernandez. Riley Cooper was just a racist. Not much of a story, he’s a piece of shit human, not much else to say. Everything else they mentioned such as Percy Harvin choking out his coach, Carlos Dunlap DUI, and Urban’s “heart attack” are all valid and should have been addressed.

J. Meric. Getty Images.

The Good:

I couldn’t be happier that they focused on football more than anything. Seeing what these players had to go through day in and day out was special. I love football but I don’t love football enough to put up with half the shit Urban Meyer put these guys through. Urban would make these guys wrestle to the death. The first episode it literally shows teammates choking each other out until one went to sleep. I don’t know how that helps you become a better football player but it definitely shows you who not to fuck with in the locker room. Although Urban Meyer was an absolute lunatic, he was also human. One of my biggest takeaways from the documentary was how unhappy Urban Meyer was while he had everything going for him. He had just won 2 National Championships in 3 years, his 2009 team was undefeated, and he was still taking Ambian and drinking just to fall asleep at night. From the outside looking in, you would think he’s on top of the world, there’s no way a coach as successful as he was could be depressed but he was. A lot of people think once you get that thing you want, then you’ll find happiness but at the end of the day it’s simply not true. That desire to always want more is a blessing and a curse. It keeps you hungry, but also eats you alive. The Gators won the 2008 National Championship and instead of celebrating with his players he went into his office to send text to next year’s recruiting class. Think about that, he didn’t even take 20 minutes to enjoy what he just accomplished, he was only thinking about what’s next. 

Tim Tebow, is Tim Tebow. I never really bought into the fact that he was saving himself for marriage, but he definitely was. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when Brandon Spikes showed him a picture of a naked girl and he got angry. Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever got mad at any of my boys for showing me some nudes, but then again, I’m not Tim Tebow. If Tebow played in the modern era of college football, he would never have to turn pro, he’d be set for life. Tim Tebow WAS college football, if he played in this NIL era, they would have to just send him a blank check and have him fill it out. One of the things that made Tebow who he was was his passion and love for the game. Both were on full display in the documentary. Whether it was his pep talks before the games, post game interviews, or crying after the SEC Championship game, you could feel that he truly loved the game and his teammates, which has been a lost art in the modern game. 


Best moments:

Urban treats superstars like superstars and treats his shit like shit 

Tebow getting mad that Spikes showed him a picture of a naked girl 

Urban’s Champion Club: one side ate steak and lobster. The other side had to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.

Players choking each other out on mat drills 

Brandon Siler punching a RB in the face for making the team restart an abs work out 

Tebows I promise speech 

Both National Championships