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Food Capital Of America Confirmed: The Cincinnati Cheese Coney With Its Delicious Chili Made The Great Hot Dogs Of America List

Ohh would you look at that. Finally a list I can agree with. The Cincinnati cheese coney feauring that delicious chili has made America's Great Hot Dogs of America list. Can't say I'm shocked. They are delicious. I'm not just saying that because I've lived here for over 14 years. Take it from others: 

3 men who know food when they see it. The key here is knowing what Cincinnati chili is. It doesn't belong on spaghetti. That will always be weird to me. Now you might even be thinking - what is this? It doesn't look like chili. Well, Cincinnati chili isn't what Joe from accounting claims he makes every Sunday and brings in for lunch on Monday. Cincinnati chili is a much thinner chili, almost like a liquid or a dip. It's a sauce or a topping. It needs a different name than chili and it would be accepted across the world as fine, which it is. 

Not to mention chili cheese dogs fly under the radar. We know about the Chicago dog, the ballpark dog, spicy mustard on the grill. All that good stuff. But the chili cheese dog demands more respect. We're finally getting it here. Go to any of the chili spots, from Skyline to Pleasant Ridge to Blue Ash, wherever. The coney is excellent. It's finally getting its due as one of the best in America. You won't hear any complaints from this man. 

What a run it's been for Cincinnati too. Elly de la Cruz is fun as shit. We know about Joe Burrow and Chase. FC Cincinnati is the best team in the MLS and a little known name Messi is coming to town tonight. Speaking of which, beat the shit out of Inter Miami: 

It's a wildly underrated city. People will fire off the same old, lame jokes, especially those from Cleveland or those who have never been here. The city has good enough food, a ton of bars, good spots. That's all you need and you get it dirt cheap here. Can't beat that.