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Breaking News - The Barstool 20th Anniversary Awards Show Will Be Live Streamed Tonight on PPV for 49.99*

*Just kidding.   Well not about the awards show being live streamed on PPV tonight but that it cost 50 bucks.  It will only cost 10 bucks.   See what I did there?  I had you thinking we had some outrageous price and were being fat and greedy again and now you feel like you're getting a bargain. You're basically fucking me in the face at this price.   

And yes this was a last minute decision by me.  Credit to our tech people for being able to pull it off.  Anyway we have our entire company in Boston tonight for a trip down memory lane and to celebrate our 20th anniversary.   We will be awarding Dundies for the best and worst moments of the last 2 decades.   I don't even want to know how much this event cost us to produce because Id probably puke, but maybe this way we can break even or even make some money.  Either way I'm pretty confident it will be a a funny and bittersweet event.   Not to get sappy but we wouldn't be here without all the Stoolies who have had our backs from day 1 so we'd love to celebrate it with you.  However if you were gonna watch this for free and now won't cough up 10 bucks then you're too poor to be my friend anyway.   (Not to be sappy)

Red Carpet - 7:15
Show 8pm