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Hmmmm: Social Media Is Losing Its Collective Shit Thinking Joe Burrow Got Engaged, Days After Veronika Rajek Declared Him Her 'Visual Choice' In The NFL

Listen, I have no idea if Joe Burrow is engaged or not. It's a rumor. A rumor that has moved on from just Cincinnati to all of social media. He was trending the other day for it. All you gotta do is search Joe Burrow engaged and you'll see the reaction. You have people on Twitter and TikTok and everywhere else losing their mind that he's engaged. Shit, it even made local news! Just some examples: 

And on and on we go. 

 Little hint: you didn't have a chance to date him anyways. It's Joe Burrow, whether he has a long-term girlfriend or not, you weren't dating him. 

If he did get engaged, good for him. Why? Because just days before this happened: 

Just a reminder, this is Veronika Rajek: 

I don't care how long you're dating someone, you don't want to see Veronika Rajek declare the Bengals her new team because Joe Burrow is her favorite visual in the NFL. All it takes is one little argument and this gets thrown back in your face. Can't help it, but you already have every woman in Cincinnati claiming their love for Burrow, can't have a model added to the list. Remember, Rajek shot her shot with Tom Brady: 

It's still weird for the Bengals to have all this hype. I saw Collinsworth pick them to win the Super Bowl. They have this guy in Burrow who seemingly can do no wrong. They have the wide receiving group, but it still feels weird to see them have hype. The Bengals were always the team you just picked 3rd or 4th in the AFC North and moved on with life. Now they got a quarterback in engagement rumors and models shouting him out. Either way, congrats to Joe Burrow.