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Lonzo Ball Responds To Stephen A's Report That He Has Issues Sitting With A Video Clowning Him And Saying He's Coming Back

Love this move by Lonzo. A healthy Zo is great for the league. I may be a little biased as a Lakers fan, but Lonzo really had me thinking he was going to be a bonafide superstar in the league. It's a pure shame what has happened to him with injuries, and there doesn't go a week without a report about how his injury is going to keep him out of the league forever. 

Asking Stephen A who his sources are like it's not just some random text message that pops up on his phone saying "Take a look, y'all!" with no contact name is all-time. Those journalists don't have to be right, they just have to get views. Much like a Barstool Sports blogger if you think about it. So while I know nothing about Lonzo's health, it's time for me to come on here and speculate he will come back and fulfill that superstar narrative in full. After all, he can sit and stand up just fine contrary to what seems to be popular belief. 

Here's to Lonzo coming back sooner rather than later which would be the best case scenario for the league. And to calling out Journalists who are spouting nonsense at any opportunity.