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Brad Stevens Needs To Bring Blake Griffin Back Immediately After He Essentially Said Playing For The Celtics Was One Of The Best Experiences Of His Life

Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.

For the most part, the 2023-24 Boston Celtics roster is set. As of today, they have 13 players with guaranteed deals and both Two Way spots filled. From here on out you're looking at end of depth bench pieces/locker room guys when it comes to filling out the full roster to 15. 

One guy we haven't heard much about is our beloved Blake Griffin. Some may say he's only been a Celtic for one year and barely played, and while technically that's true I think we can all agree that his lone season in Boston wasn't only a smashing success, but it felt like he'd been there his entire career.

Every possible thing you could have wanted coming out of that vet minimum signing we got in spades

The diving on the floor, the ability to get punched in the face only to laugh at the opponent, the threes, the rebounding, the overall vibes, it was all awesome. 

You add all that up, and it's more than enough to make the case that with one of the two remaining roster spots open, it makes virtually no sense for Brad to not bring Blake back. For starters, the roster needs big man depth. Investing in an aging Horford and supporting him with two injury prone bigs in Robert Williams and Porzingis leaving you with nothing else but Luke Kornet is…..concerning. We already know Blake can spot start and eat minutes during the regular season. He fits and won't cost you more than the minimum. 

Not only that, he clearly LOVES being a Celtic which for me is truly all I care about. During his round of golf with Dan Rapaport (which you should all watch), I couldn't help but notice this part in particular

I'm sold. I mean I was already sold before I heard Blake Griffin essentially say that being a Celtic was the best thing to ever happen to not just his professional career but to his overall life, I'm even more sold now. Just run down the list

- Plays a position of need

- Has a skillset we know fits how Joe wants to play

- Is willing to die for the team whenever he steps on the floor

- Isn't expensive

- Is the ultimate good vibes guy

- Loves being a Celtic more than you love anything in your life

Seems like a no brainer to me. Who else are you going to bring in for one of those final spots that plays Blake's position that's a better fit? I'm not sure if Brad's noticed, but he just blew up a pretty big chunk of the team's chemistry/vibes this summer. Having a guy like Blake in the mix for 2023-24 is one way to help with that. 

So let's go Brad. Pull the trigger and bring Blake back to where he belongs and let's go win that elusive 18th banner.