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Jalen Hurts Redefines Accountability, Practically Forced Eagles Teammates To Blame Him For Super Bowl Loss

Gregory Shamus. Getty Images.

There are plenty of athletes out there who are always looking to point the finger anywhere but themselves. Accountability is quickly becoming a lost art. Heck, there's one guy in particular who plays in Philly like that. You might recall Joel Embiid putting the blame on the rest of the Sixers after game 6 against Boston because he didn't touch the ball for the last 4 minutes of the game. Easy to not take any accountability for a tough loss when you can just say you didn't even get a chance to touch the ball in clutch time. 

But that's not the way Jalen Hurts operates. Jalen Hurts isn't going to point his fingers anywhere until he points the first one towards himself. So despite the fact that he had an incredible performance in the Super Bowl where the Eagles just came up short, Jalen Hurts made sure that every single member of the Eagles organization put that loss on him. 

27/38. 304 yards through the air. 70 yards on the ground. 3 rushing touchdowns and 1 throwing. Was the fumble pretty terrible? Of course it was. There's no way to sugar coat that. But Jalen Hurts accounting for 374 total yards and 4 total touchdowns in a Super Bowl is insane. Anybody could walk away from that performance saying that they did their job, and that they did what they had to in order to help the team win. Hell, at the very least Jalen Hurts could have just said that "we didn't do enough" and put the blame on the whole team. Instead, he wanted the blame all to himself. 

Now is that the selfless leader in him? Or does he selfishly love the drive and determination it would give to him heading into the offseason? I guess that's where you can start to nitpick a little. I'm sure that he knew deep down that taking on all the blame would force him to work like an absolute maniac this offseason. Clearly that's been working out so far. 

But maybe he's just the best leader in sports. Some guys are just wired to lead other men to greatness. I mean this sick puppy was out there fuming when practice got called early because of a few donnybrooks between the Eagles and Colts. 

He loves ball, he loves to win, and those are the two most important things in his life. When you're that driven to be great, everybody else around you just naturally start to follow. There are only a few other guys I can think of who have had that same intense level of insatiable work ethic, and they're all some of the greatest who have ever played their respective sports. I'm not saying that Jalen Hurts is going to end his career in the GOAT conversation, but the Eagles at least have their guy with the drive to get there one day. 

Credit to me for being right from the very beginning.