My Worst nightmare Has Come True: I Can't Eat Meat Anymore

Yeah, so it happened. It's been a full year of trying to figure it out. Yelling at doctors I got bit by this tick and them saying I didn't know shit I finally got a positive test showing that the reason my face was getting fucked up randomly. Please watch this tik tok to see what I am talking about because it explains everything in more depth and you will see just how bad my face was getting fucked up. 

Yeah, so I like millions of Americans have recently just been getting destroyed by a fucking new age Tick bite. 

As many as 450,000 Americans may be living with alpha-gal syndrome, a meat allergy that has been linked to tick bites, with many of those people going undiagnosed, according to two new studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In one of the new studies, both of which were published on Thursday, scientists reviewed the laboratory results of people who had been tested for the telltale antibodies, identifying 110,000 suspected cases since 2010.

But that figure is probably a significant underestimate. In the second study, researchers found that 78 percent of health care providers who were surveyed had little or no knowledge of the condition, and many clinicians who had heard of the syndrome were not sure how to diagnose it.

“Our 110,000 suspected cases of alpha-gal syndrome represent those that found the health care provider that did properly send off for the antibody test,” said Dr. Johanna Salzer, a disease ecologist and veterinarian at the C.D.C. and an author of both studies.

I have alpha-gal syndrome. There are much bigger problems in life and people with major debilitating issues but 

Exercise and alcohol seem to be the most important co-factors for alpha-gal reactions.

So not only do I have to watch my meat consumption, but I have to watch when I exercise and booze. Eating meat, exercising and boozing are the only 3 things I like. Like that's the only thing I post about. This could get me fired because I don’t really do any other decent content. Mountains are blue, arm farm Fridays, let the meat talk. This is all the things that keep me alive. I might just keep doing all these things till my face explodes and it kills me because there's no other goddamn way to live life. And guess what I know it's because the World Economic Forum wants to stop me from being a red-blooded American male. 

(This is a bit) 

(Not really these motherfuckers are sending tick assassins to take away my meat, exercise, and booze, whats next?! Vaccines that make you allergic to guns?!)

Yeah, but this is where I need your guy's help because I am not going to let a tiny bitchass tick and globalist stop me from eating steak.


I actually did season this steak with Benadryl just so I could get ahead of the hives. It worked, but the Benadryl made me see the Hat Man men I fell asleep who I now know is just a WEF spiritual assassin being sent to kill my ideals of freedom and democracy for authoritarianism. Yeah, you think this is crazy talk. I am a man whose love of meat and lifting has been taken away from me. That's like taking Liam Neeson's wife AND kids. Look, I am not saying I am going to go raid the capital Jan 6 style, but I sure as hell want whatever is being done at the Plum Island Animal Research Center to be better researched because guess where the hell that place is off the coast of?! Lyme Connecticut, OG GROUND ZERO OF LYMES DISEASE. Now Long Island has a crazy tick problem and a new crazy side effect of red meat allergy. Was Fauci ever at the Plum Island Animal Research Center?

(Just let this rant go and let me blame Fauci for my meat allergy when we all know the killing off of large predators in the northeast caused an insane boom in the deer population and the parasites and diseases they carry). (Domino meme:

But anyway sorry for the conspiratorial rant, 

The articles say there is no cure, but I found a paper that said acupuncture may be able to cure it. 

So if you are an acupuncturist, please hit me up I NEED to regain my meat-eating ability. Also, I will never step foot on Long Island woodlands again. No one should. If you get bit by tick, make sure to monitor it. Even though this one sucks, Lymes is so much worse. Fuck ticks; shoot as many deer as you can. Wear anti-tick bug spray, spray for ticks. Heed this warning.