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My Queen Drew Barrymore's Stalker Rushed Her At An Event & Now I Need To Kick This Guy's Ass

What the hell, man? 

Goes without saying but talkers are such an odd, odd, odd sect of our society. Whether you're stalking a celebrity or someone you know, obviously it's difficult to be much more of a creep than a literal stalker so this was absolutely terrifying to see last night when Drew Barrymore's stalker basically BUMRUSHED a stage she was on at the 92nd Street Y. This dude was claiming that she knows who he is and he just had to see her while he was in New York City. That is the definition good and I, for one, am not happy to see that at all.

You and I both know Drew Barrymore is the definition of a national treasure that doesn't deserve any of that stuff whatsoever. She's been gracing some of our favorite flicks like Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates, and MANY more for as long as I can remember. She's now running the daytime talkshow game with the Drew Barrymore Show. She also just so happens to be my favorite actress ever and may or may not have kissed me (twice).

Due to all of that I think this means I gotta give this guy a stern talking to. No one stalks Drew- she's a goddamn angel. Now I'm angry. I am here to defend my Queen through and through.