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KSI v Tommy Fury x Logan Paul v Dillon Danis Press Conference Was Nuts

So KSI is fighting Tommy Fury on October 14th, which will most likely lead to another Jake Paul fight for the winner. Logan Paul is fighting Dillon Danis on the undercard, which has spawned some awkward cuck talk on Danis' end in regard to Logan's new wife. Logan brought up him being chocked out by a bouncer and Danis talked about another mans wife!

Logan threw a head from Dillon Danis' birthday cake at him. 

This presser got pretty nuts. Between the suicide forest reference, Danis posted pictures of his fiancee with many different dudes. This beef isn't manufactured. And It started way before the presser.


They are also fighting for eight rounds which in the scope of these influencer fights is long enough for a serious knockout to occur. Danis is not a boxer; Logan Paul will be looking to tee off and get a highlight knockout on his resume to get somewhat legitimacy. These fights are not good boxing, but it is amazing entertainment (Not as much as RNR, but close). Tommy Fury is the only one not to act up (Yet the presser is not over).

There was also a scuffle

I mean, another thing is there is no way this is being drug tested, right? It's a ton of juice heads swinging at each other. The guy with the best take on the whole situation is this Platinum Perry guy who will step in for anyone who drops out. He is just hanging around looking to sub in for anyone who drops out. 

These guys are still beefing after the presser.