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Apparently There Were MULTIPLE Heavy Bench Clearing Brawls At The Eagles/Colts Joint Practice Today

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First off, because I know this is going to be all the rage in this blog…WHERE TF ARE THE VIDEOS?!?!?! 

Seriously. It seems like Philly media at the scene will fire off a useless Tweet for every play/Fletcher Cox fart but nobody captured and instantly put out any of this action????? Somebody prove me wrong and it'll be included ASAP but for now I combed the desert of Twitter X and so far…

But as for the fights: Good. Well, half good. Derek Barnett has returned to his pre-ACL form with committing the stupidest plays/penalties the football world can possibly imagine. For real, man. Why are you even coming close to touching any QB during practice? The Red Jersey exists for a reason. No touchy. I don't blame the Colts for losing their shit one bit. 

As for Jason Kelce standing up for Kenny G and inciting fight numero dos, awesome. There's NO reason for Jason Kelce, a man who has proven everything in the NFL and could retire at any moments notice while getting carried into the sunset, to stand out like this. But that's just Jason Kelce. #62 might be the greatest teammate, leader, and possibly man to has ever walked the Earth. We are simply not worthy. Even better? Kelce admits his emotions got the better of him. 

Accountability. That's a leader, baby. However…WE WHOOPED THEIR ASS THO!!!

And that's Eagles/Colts practice joint practice session for you. Seems lovely. Also there's zero video of the fights but there's footage of this bloodbath.

Only a few more weeks until we back. Go Birds.