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Credit To Hellmann's For Recognizing Greatness And Signing (Future) Superstar Will Levis To A Lifetime Deal Of Unlimited Mayonise

Really gotta hand it to Hellmann's and their parent company for recognizing greatness. I mean, they are on board relatively early considering Levis is currently banged up and battling for the backup quarterback spot with the Titans. Hell, if (when) he becomes a starter and turns everyone on his side, Hellman's can stand up and say they were with him. Some say this is the reason why he got the deal, I say it goes hand in hand with future greatness: 

It hasn't been the easiest start to his pro career for Levis. I mean the poor guy was stuck looking like this in the green room: 

He's got guys like Big T celebrating an interception and overreacting to a pointless preseason game: 

Luckily us rational people can sit here and say he'll be fine, even great. Completely rational to back your guy who you saw win 10 games in a season at Kentucky. Phew, got that out of the way. Now onto the mayo part. Unlimited supply of a condiment is incredible. That's a steal. Plus mayo is good. Give me mayo on a sandwich every day of the week. Put it on hard boiled eggs with a little salt and pepper. It's not as good as like a chipotle aioli or something like that, but mayo is key even if you don't put it in coffee. 

All I know is this is a win. Levis needed a win. Everyone talking about his girlfriend Gia Duddy or being hurt or battling Malik Willis. Not here. We recognize a win.