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Cops Have Been Ordered to Arrest Antonio Brown for Non-Payment of Child Support

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

A tough year just keeps getting tougher for a member of Tyreek Hill's Top 5 Wide Receivers of All Time list. And no, I'm not talking about Randy Moss. I mean the former owner of the Albany Empire. Which is to say, the guy who owned the team right up until he got himself and his franchise banished from the National Arena League:

And then took $500 out of the accounts of all his employees, which was money he owed them:

Then again, failing to fork over money he's legally obligated to pay someone is sort of a lifestyle for AB. And at least one judge in Florida has had it with his shenanigans:

Source -Florida cops have been ordered to arrest Antonio Brown once again … after a judge ruled he missed yet another child support payment.

According to Miami-Dade County court documents, the ruling was issued on Aug. 9 … after Brown apparently missed a $15,000 payment to his ex, Wiltrice Jackson.

Per the docs, Brown can have the order purged if he pays up … plus an additional $5,000 in attorney fees.

It's the second time this year a judge has ordered law enforcement to take the ex-NFL star into custody over unpaid child support … back in April, the order was issued after Brown failed to make a $30,000 payment to Jackson.

AB, though, paid up before he was put behind bars.

Here's the thing. There are a lot of things that people do that get them in trouble with the law that you can forgive. Everyone screws up. Everyone falls on hard times. You shouldn't judge somebody based on their worst moments. Often the most moral act you can do is forgive someone. 

But not for this. Not for failure to support your own kid. 

In my years working for the court system, I learned a certain level of empathy. None of it for deadbeat fathers. For a few months I worked the Family & Probate Court in Cambridge. And several times I was ordered to take a guy into custody for non-payment. Invariably while I was going through the process, they'd volunteer to share their sob story. Always without my asking for it, and missing all the non-verbal clues I was throwing out that I didn't want to hear it. Because what excuse can you have for holding out on your own flesh and blood? 

Their mom is a bitch who ruined your life? Piss off. Pay for your kid. She cheated on you? Piss off. Pay for your kid. She's living with some other guy? Piss off. Pay for your kid. You don't like the way she's spending the money? Piss off. Pay for your kid. You can't afford it? File a motion. Go before the judge. Tell them your financial situation. Get the payment reduced. Then piss off and pay for your kid. 

On the rare occasions I'd respond to one of these Mopey McPoormouths, I'd tell him, "Nice story. How do you expect them to fill a grocery cart with your tale of woe? Do you want the rest of us pay for it? At least you got laid in the deal." And it should come as no shock to anyone that the majority of the time, the guy would come up with the money he said he didn't have within minutes of the handcuffs getting put around his deadbeat wrists. 


Which appears to be Brown's method of choice. His signature move, every bit as much as he used to run the Slant and Go. Hold out for as long as he can. Force his son's mom to go to court to get what she's owed. Stretch it out until the warrant is issued. Then and only then, miracluously realize you had the money all along, you just forgot to send it. "Boy, oh boy, do I have egg on my face! Sooorrryyy!" 

I'm sure that's what will happen this time too. And the next time and the time after that. As NFL superstar, Antonio Brown was a raging narcissist and coach-killing buffoon. As a person, he's a despicable, misanthropic twat who can't even do right by the guys who played and coached football for him, never the child he brought into the world. Piss off, AB. Pay for your kid.