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Fans Serenading Michael Jordan With Goat Noises As He Walks Around Italy Is Totally Normal And Not Weird At All

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

A few weeks ago while in Toronto, a bunch of fans gathered around a restaurant for the sole purpose of…..watching LeBron James eat

For my money, this is insane behavior. Very weird. Who stands across the street just to watch someone eat? Who cares? I get that it's LeBron but even still. It was our latest example that we may actually be cooked as a society. It's something that LeBron is most likely used to by now, but that doesn't make it not weird. 

I can understand on some level the idea of being star-struck, especially with professional athletes, some of which might actually be the greatest to ever do it. I'm not going to sit here and try and come off as some sort of hardo that says I've never been star-struck. I've said time and time again part of the fun of going to the Vegas Summer League is seeing all the stars be 2 feet away from you. Why people can't just mind their own business and be like "oh cool there's Player X" and the go on with their day is something I'll never really get, but to each their own.

For example, what would you do if you ever came across Michael Jordan? Is it this?

Now some would argue this is even weirder than standing around a restaurant watching someone eat, but at the same time, it is kind of funny. You know deep down MJ hates these people like poison and is probably raging to himself, but at least those fans are showing some respect. I wanted to clown on those fans, but then I got to thinking. Where have I heard this before?

Oh yeah..

Listen, maybe this is just GOAT things that you or I can't really comprehend because we are most certainly not the GOAT at anything. NBA players, they're just like us! 

I can't lie, it's way less cringy doing it for MJ than it is for LeBron. Sure that may be my own bias and general hatred of everything Lakers at work, but I feel like that makes sense. I think it's probably because deep down you know MJ hates it while deep down you know LeBron craves it. Sort of like that idea where MJ doesn't need to talk about being the GOAT because he is the GOAT. On some level, it would be pretty cool to hear goat noises wherever you go, and I think I'd take that over fans rushing up to you and begging for an autograph. All this is really, is showing respect. A very odd way to do it, but oh well.

As to why MJ was getting this sort of treatment in Italy, I mean that goes without saying