Bryce Harper Cranks An Inside The Park Home Run While Crossing Home Like A Gosh Darn PIMP

Please hold while we channel HK's Almighty Pipes: CHASE UTLEY BRYCE HARPER YOU ARE THE MAN!

Just a day after the Phillies visit Williamsport, Bryce Harper offers up his own Little League World Series dinger of his own. The dude is a superstar making a zillion dollars while signed thru he's 50 and still hustles like a kid who loves the game. And that slide, man. Have mercy. Cooler than the other side of all the pillows. 

Shout out to Alec Bohm and Mr. Sosa who both went deep, too (Edmundo with a triple, as well - CYCLE WATCH). And how about that Aaron Nola? Arguably the biggest series of the season and he only let up 1 HR in the first and a miniscule 6 hits to the first 11 batters he faced! All kidding aside, I think, Nola's settled in nicely and atm has gone 6 strong while only giving up 2 - and still the same 6 hits! Now finish Gabe Kapler's bums and let's go home. 

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