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I Get To DJ With Shaq, aka DJ Diesel, This Sunday At Brooklyn Mirage

So this is pretty wild. 

Shaq Diesel. "The Big Aristotle". "Shaq Fu". 

One of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. An even greater humanitarian. And now, a dubstep DJ, is coming to Brooklyn, NY this weekend to take over my favorite venue in the country, The Brooklyn Mirage, with his Bass All-Stars, and I get to not only be there, hang out and interview him for Barstool Backstage, I also get to be on the famous stage and DJ. 

I can't believe this all came about this past week but thanks to the incredible folks at Mirage- Emily, Kellon, Kenny, Logan, and Megan from Barstool hustling to make things happen Barstool will be there and we have incredible access. 


To think that just two weeks ago I was at Lollapalooza watching Shaq, ahem Diesel, burn the place down.

And, this man just dropped his first album. It's called Gorilla Warfare and features some of the biggest names in dubstep.

Also, for all you clowns that wanna hate on Shaq for being a DJ, stop being mad you can't have a second career doing something you absolutely fucking love. He makes ridiculous money to play, but the guy enjoys it so much he'd legit do it for free. Look at this shit.


p.s.- Also, listen to my boy Andrew Barber, he knows what he's talking about.

Shaq feat. Lord Tariq, Nas & Jay-Z - No Love Lost (original)

Shaquille O’Neal - You Can’t Stop The Reign Ft The Notorious B.I.G


Shaquille O'Neal - No Hook (Official Video) ft. Prince Rakeem "The RZA", Method Man